I build Mac-10, Mac11, and Mac 12 receivers.

I build AK-47 receivers and guns for sale.

I build custom Ar-15 rifles and pistols to sell.

I build Bullpup Unlimited shot gun kits into complete firearms. I use Remington 870 pump Shot Guns and IAC Hawk 981R (870) clone pump shot guns to build my complete guns. I do different finishes and colors on the kits to create unique shotguns.  I also sell Bull Pup Unlimited Shot Gun kits to build your own Shot Gun with.

Rottie Arms

In the process of getting set up to get a class 4 manufacturing license  to offer more guns and builds. Class 3 weapons and AOW guns.

I build tactical shot guns to sell.

I am in the process of manufacturing other guns and parts will list more in the future